China web-user dies after three-day online binge

BEIJING, Sept 17, 2007 (AFP) - A man in southern China collapsed and died after a three-day marathon online session at a cybercafe, state media reported on Monday.
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The web-user, estimated to be 30 years old, suddenly collapsed in front of his computer terminal in Guangdong province, and emergency personnel were unable to revive him, the Beijing News reported.
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"According to preliminary findings, the length of time this man spent online might have triggered heart problems," the paper quoted a local hospital emergency medic in the city of Zhongshan as saying.

The paper did not provide the man's name or the online activities he was engaged in.

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Worried about growing Internet addiction, China's government has taken steps to combat the problem, including forcing online gaming sites to dock the points of gamers who stay online too long.
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