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Norways top peace-broker met with a Tamil Tiger rebelrnleader Wednesday in the latest effort to revive stalled peace talks betweenrnthe guerrillas and the Sri Lankan government, the Associated Press reports.rn
The government has sent the Tigers a proposed agenda for talks and thernrebels were expected to give a response to the document during their meeting with envoy Erik Solheim, senior officials involved in the peace process said on condition of anonymity.rn

rn Solheim left Colombo in a government helicopter and met with Tiger political leader S P Thamilselvan in the rebel-held northern town ofrnKilinochchi, the officials said.rn

rn The meeting was expected to deal with the Tigers conditions for a restart of talks, including that they be deemed the sole representatives of the islands 3.2 million Tamils. The government has given conflicting signals about its willingness to accept this condition.rn

rn The discussions took place as government and Tamil Tige

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