Choksys Sweeteners

The UNF government, which has been progressively clubbing the opposite camp with the peace process, is getting ready to open a second front with the budget.
This time the targets include farmers and public servants; and high on the mind of Finance Minister K N Choksy, are the armed forces.rn

rnldblquote Public officers and those who had been helping in the defence of the country and the police department are all going to be direct beneficiaries of the budget,
dblquote Finance Minister Choksy told reporters on Monday, shortly before completing the ritual of locking the lquote budget box.rn

rnA lingering public perception that the some sections of the military is backing the President, has been strengthened following the power grab, when heavily armed troops suddenly appeared on Colombos streets.rn

rnPublic servants have been traditional supporters of left-of-centre SLFP led coalitions, with the so-called postal votes in most elections, which are cast mostly by government servants, showing slight