Clean Seam

The apparel industry is pushing to establish a local certificate that will guarantee buyers of compliance and cutting the cost for small timers.
While big apparel exporters have a steady source of orders the small and medium scale factories are struggling to get noticed by the big buyers.rn

rnThe industry umbrella organization JAAF is pushing these companies to improve their production processes and standards to meet strict compliance criteria laid down by the big buyers. rn

rnThe big exporters can afford to comply.rn

rnAt Kuruwita Manchester textile mills the water treatment plant makes sure that no pollutants from the fabric-dying site are released to the environment. rn

rnThey do this by using gases released from the factory to neutralize its wastewater.rn

rnThe recently upgraded plant now meets some of the toughest environmental standards.rn

rnIndustrialists say the cleanup came after buyers started to insist on environmentally friendly operations.rn

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