Colombo Stock Exchange to launch new board for SME sector security listings


June 29, 2018 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s Securities and Exchange Commission with the Colombo Stock Exchange will be launching a Small and Medium Enterprise Board for the SME sector next week.

The SME Board which is to be launched for the first time in Sri Lanka will provide an opportunity for the SME sector to empower entrepreneurship by generating capital through the stock market.

This new SME Board named as ‘Empower’ will be introduced in addition to the Main Board and Dirisavi Board already existing in the Colombo Stock Exchange.

The Colombo Stock Exchange has 299 companies representing 20 business sectors as at 29th March 2018, with a market capitalization of 3,032.7 billion rupees.

Public companies incorporated under the Companies Act or any other statutory corporation, incorporated under the laws of Sri Lanka are currently eligible to seek a listing on the exchange to raise debt or equity.

Companies desiring to be admitted to the official list of the exchange and to secure a listing of their securities will be required to comply with the listing rules of the exchange.
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