Come Clean

Depositors have asked for the updated financial status of Pramuka Bank to make a detailed restructuring proposal to Central Bank.
ldblquote We need to clean up the balance sheet and find the exact situation to deal with it,
dblquote says K C Vignarajah who was brought in by the depositors as an independent figurehead to represent them, when dealing with Central Bank and also lead a possible rescue of the suspended bank.rn

rnCentral Bank officials reportedly told depositors that at Thursdays meeting with Bankers, the response was not very encouraging though some banks had said they would consider the matter and get back to the regulator.rn

rnAnalysts say there is very little incentive for any bank to step in, especially considering Central Banks own decision earlier to liquidate Pramuka; as a result, the chances of a reputed bank stepping in with cash seem remote.rn

rnBut Janashakthi Capital, a company connected to Janashakthi Insurance Group, which has shares in Pramuka, has joined depositors in

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