Coming Through

April 20, 2007 (LBO) – George Steuart and Company has started a school for Chartered Institute of Management Accountants(CIMA) students to meet growing demand for professionals with the qualification. The CIMA council says that Sri Lanka is in need of more CIMA qualified professionals to satisfy the rising demand.

The demand for CIMA qualifiers is so acute that it is very difficult for employees to find even one qualified passed finalist to enter into employment, Shantikumar R. Sadanandan, President of the CIMA council, said.

At the moment Sri Lanka has an approximate CIMA student population of 12,000 and 3,800 CIMA members, with more than half of them in overseas employment.

George Steuart and Company has added education as a business line through a subsidiary, George Steuart Educational Services, in 2005. The firm launched its new CIMA campus on Thursday.

We hope that the initiative taken by George Steuart educational institute will attract more students and will fill the vacuum of CIMA qualifiers, Sadanandan said.

The company with its new campus in Mount Lavinia expects to create new standards and have more courses in the future.

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