Commonwealth games decision in Sri Lanka today

Nov 9, 2007 – The Commonwealth Games Federation general assembly will vote Friday to decide whether Abuja of Nigeria or Scotland’s Glasgow hosts the 2014 games, officials said.

Abuja and Glasgow will get a final opportunity to sway voters when they each make a 30-minute presentation and answer questions during a 10-minute period just before voting on Friday evening.

All 71 members of the former British empire have a single vote, and a simple majority is needed to secure the Games, the Federation’s Media Services Manager, Ian Chesterman said.

Each delegate will take part in a secret vote, marking their choice on a special ballot paper.
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The votes will be counted and the result placed in an envelope.
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In the event of a draw after the first vote the delegates will vote again.

If Abuja and Glasgow are still equal, the Federation’s re-elected president Mike Fennell will have the deciding vote.

The announcement, which will be telecast live around the globe, is expected at between 1230 and 1245 GMT.

In the run-up to the race, Glasgow’s 300-million dollar bid won praise from the Games’ evaluation committee in September for its t

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