Comrade Minister

Officials in Kumaratungas Freedom Alliance said four members of the Marxist JVP, or Peoples Liberation Front took their oaths while another four were sworn in as deputy ministers. rn

rnThe inductions raised to 35 the number of ministers in the cabinet. rn

The JVP said they accepted a compromise offered by Kumaratunga to end a cabinet crisis following talks with the president on Monday. rn

“The JVP MPs took their oaths and they will attend a cabinet meeting later today,” a spokesman for Kumaratunga said. rn

JVP members took up the portfolios of culture, small and rural industries, agriculture and lands. rn

The JVP is a key coalition partner in Kumaratungas Freedom Alliance which won the April 2 parliamentary elections, but failed to secure a majority in the 225-member parliament. rn

The settlement came four days after the Freedom Alliance suffered a humiliating defeat on the floor of parliament on the first day of the new assembly when an opposition candidate won the speakers post. rn