Corruption Allegations

Mar 12, 2015 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s minister for child development Rosy Senanayake said some bribery and corruption arrests are delayed because it has to be dealt with through the stipulated legal channels.

I have taken my grievances to minister John Amarathunga and the prime minister and have clearly explained that we are bound by the law, Senanayake said.

If you just take people and put them behind bars, the next thing will be they will be out saying no evidence.

She said,according to current laws in the country a B Report needs to be filled in court containing information and the relevant evidence.

She said this will ensure that the defendant will not be able to come out with their hands up and say no evidence, we are free and these are false allegations.

To make sure they are bound by the law and criminalize the criminals, it takes a while.

During President Sirisena’s election campaign a lot of acquisitions were made and fingers pointed alleging frauds and corruption of the past regime.

Meanwhile, at a earlier briefing the cabinet spokesman said that the government will get assistance from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank and Reserve Bank of India to track down wealth hidden abroad.

Government has also appointed a committee to investigate alleged financial misdeeds and corruption in the former government.

Power minister Patali Ranawaka says according to a report by the Moratuwa University about 200 billion rupees has been siphoned away from recent road development projects in 2013.

He said according to his calculations about 700 billion rupees has been siphoned from housing and other development projects.

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