Country Gardens

The city of Nuwara Eliya is trying to clean up its trading activity to bring back its scenic beauty but the change of government put plans on hold.
Nuwara Eliya endash also known as little England because of its climate difference from the rest of the country – is one of Sri Lankas main tourist hot spots. rn

rnThe climate, the mountain scenery, lakes, flowers, golfing, horse races and bird watching opportunities make it a must-visit spot for most tourists.rn

rnOver the last decade however, poor city planning and pollution started eating into the beauty of the district.rn

rnThe biggest eye sore endash contributing in a large scale to the growing squalidness of the city – were the vegetable traders operating along main roads and scenic drive ways.rn

rnThe unplanned trading complexes mushroom across the city to push the districts agricultural produce into Colombo.rn

rnThe Nuwara Eliya Economic Centre was to bring all the local traders under a trading centre with waste disposal and transport fa

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