Crumbling with Age

Old age is catching up with Sri Lanka but taking it slow and easy in comfortable retirement is just not an option available to this islands 19 million people. Sri Lanka needs to post 10 per cent economic growth over the next 15 years to nurse its fast aging population.
Sri Lankas lost years of economic growth endash mostly caused by political machinations topped off by hugely expensive internal wars – will be paid for by the islands youth. rn

rnThere are no generational accounts to show the transfer of resources between generations but for the millions of younger generation Sri Lankans the party is over. rn

rnSri Lankas working youth will have to bear the cost of not just slow development over the past years but also the added cost of supporting a large chunk of retired older people that is shooting up in size.rn

rnCurrent estimates are that in less than 30 years, about 20 per cent of the population would hit the 60 years mark, by now old news. rn

rnAccording to 2003 provisional estimat

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