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DHL said they would upgrade supply chain management in the Asia Pacific region to better service the garment trade.
Guaranteed quotas for garment exports are due to expire at the end of the year and DHL says garment manufacturers will have to rely on faster delivery times to be competitive.
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rnApparels already account for around 50 percent of total volumes shipped by DHL.rn

rnAccording to a McKinsey Study commissioned by DHL, textile and apparel companies will need efficient supply chains once the markets are opened up for free trade.rn

rnDHL is already seeing growth by extending their services to more than just delivery. rn

rnldblquote DHL had a double digit growth in the Asia Pacific in all aspects -obviously in a backdrop of a positive economic situation- as a direct result of bringing together all of this units and marketing one stop solutions to customers,
dblquote said John Mullen, CEO, DHL Asia Pacific told LBR.rn


-LBR Newsdesk:rn

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