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June 27, 2007 (LBO) – A web logging site for the Sri Lankan and international trading community as well as customs clients has been launched, giving access to new information on tariffs and regulations, officials said.

The database holds all of the country’s customs regulations, related laws, taxes and other levies as well as preferential duties on goods under trade deals.

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The blog will also be used to discuss any topic, from import-export procedures to tariffs.

The blog, administered by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce with the help of Sri Lanka’s Customs Department, is connected to the Customs Regulations Database (CRD) that provides users rapid, inexpensive access to comprehensive, reliable and current customs information.

The CRD was rolled out in March by the Customs Department of Sri Lanka with USAID funding.

The database has a ‘tax calculator’, which allows traders and businessmen to easily compute all applicable taxes on any given good.

The system also helps to cut down the time Customs officers need to provide prel