Cutting Edge

Keeping with this trend Samsung launched its latest audio and home theatre systems in Sri Lanka through its local partners Singhagiri Limited.rn

rnLocal agents for the brand Singhagiri Limited say the growth in the consumer electronics industry in Sri Lanka was demanding cutting edge technology and more value for money. rn

rnldblquote More people are aware of the latest technology and with prices always coming down we have to keep stock of the newest models,
dblquote says a company spokesperson. rn

rnOn par or even above the competition in terms of quality and costs, Samsung, according to Singhagiri officials is becoming a household name replacing onetime giants. rn

rnIn addition, reputed after sales services for the brand has also contributed to the success of Samsung in Sri Lanka. rn

rnOfficials are confident that with a constant flow of new products the Samsung brand would grow rapidly in the local market. rnrn