Cyber Cabbage

The Govi Gnana System (GGS), a pilot project under the e-Sri Lanka initiative will go live at the end of the week at the Meegoda and Dambulla economic centres, offering vendors and buyers an index of wholesale prices for over 143 varieties of vegetables.
The price information system is however only the first phase of the project, with the projects developers looking at wider applications for the system in the future. rn

rnrnProject managers, e-developemnt Labs CEO, Dr. Harsha de Silva says this system is designed to support a multitude of other applications like online trading and payments, offer historical data and price trends and advice on growing, packaging and marketing agro produce.
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rnrnInitial developments will include, a futures market set up, secluded for test runs in early April. rn

rnrnThe futures market set up will also set the stage for a produce market planned for sometime in the future, says de Silva. rn

rnrnSome of the other additional services also offer the project revenue

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