Cyber Sale

The eSri Lanka initiative is expanding the market space for small and medium scale businesses by taking them online.
The pilot project under the new ICT Agency will offer SMEs shop space in Cyber space, with each member having their own web page with a company profile, giving details of products for sale with visuals and their email address for correspondence.rn

rnDepending on the outcome and the responses from its users the portal will be developed into a fully fledged e-commerce platform, ICT Agency sources said. rn

rnThe tie-up with the National Chamber of Commerce will aim to be a national facility with full fledged electronic transaction capability.rn

rnUnder the project every district association of small and medium enterprises will be able to feature its own web page. rn

rnEventually, there will be 5 district associations that will have their own websites where the profiles of its members shall be displayed. rn

rnThis will help SMEs to enter new markets and develop their business as w

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