Cyber Security

May 21, 2009 (LBO) – Sri Lankan companies are concerned over data security with most still not having adequate protection, opening up opportunities for network security players, business research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan said. A survey done by Frost & Sullivan of chief information officers in Sri Lanka, revealed that major threats for information technology (IT) security were highlighted by 85 percent of the respondents.

“They believed that virus, worms, and Trojan Horses are the major disquiet in today’s IT environment,” Frost & Sullivan said in a statement.

It said 55 percent respondents felt that data security was one of the major concerns for them and that they would take appropriate measures against them.

“Downtime and physical security were also some of the other security concerns for CIOs.”

Frost & Sullivan also noted that adoption of IT regulations and guidelines amongst most organizations remained “quite dismal”, with only 36 percent companies following some IT guidelines laid down by various bodies, purely based on their business needs.

“The Internet is becoming an enabler. However, threats in the networked world are getting bigger and becoming more malicious and moving from external to

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