Debit Deals

June 05, 2008 (LBO) – Commercial Bank of Ceylon has started giving discounts previously limited to credit card customers to the bank’s debit card holders, which has seen increased use following a credit card transaction tax, the bank said. Chief manager of Commercial Bank’s card centre, Lakshaman Perera said in a statement that a one percent stamp duty by the government on credit card transactions had caused a “significant increase” in debit card use.

Now over 200,000 Commercial Bank VISA debit card holders claim discounts called ‘Comdeals’ at over fifty selected merchants, the bank said.

These discounts are offered by vendors ranging from motor vehicle care & spares, books & magazines, clothing & accessories, healthcare services, furniture & electrical appliances, restaurants & hotels, jewellery as well as to opticians and salons.

The discounts are available till December 2008.

Commercial Bank’s dual-purpose automated teller machine (ATM) and debit cards can be used at more than one million ATMs of the Visa or Plus networks and are accepted at over 29 million merchant outlets worldwide.

Commercial Bank has a 300-strong network of ATMs and 165 branches. It also has a nine branches in Bangladesh.

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