Deja Vu

Black July is past but not gone for good, warns the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) pointing to cases of police torture that continue to occur in Sri Lanka.
In January this year, the High Court of Colombo sentenced a Sub-Inspector of Police to seven years rigorous imprisonment with a fine for torturing an innocent civilian. rn

rnThe AHRC lists many such incidents from all parts of the island.rn

rnAt the Wellipena Police Station a Sub-Inspector forced a TB patient to spit into the mouth of a tortured suspect exposing the man to this deadly disease. rn

rnOther officers of the same police station killed young man only months later, in a dispute over a woman. rn

rnIn Kandy, a police officer is said to have poured boiling water on a young mans thighs, causing him serious injuries. rn

rnThere are many reports of extra judicial killings on pretexts like failing to stop a vehicle when commanded to do so.rn

rnPersons were killed after being arrested on charges of stealing bananas while ot

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