DFCC launch ‘Vardhana Sahaya’ with govt initiated ‘Swashakthi’ for small enterprise sector

(PRESS RELEASE) – After six decades of nurturing small and medium businesses to become leading enterprises in their respective sectors, DFCC Bank is pleased to launch Vardhana Sahaya, effectively extending its expertise to the small enterprise category. Vardhana Sahaya is a new product for the small enterprise sector which offers a range of financial services including loans, leases and bank guarantees, providing a one-stop financial solution for small enterprises.

The salient benefit of the Vardhana Sahaya product for small enterprise customers is that DFCC, given its strong credentials in small and medium enterprise financing, will offer customised and flexible financial solutions aptly suited to customer requirements.  In addition to providing financial assistance, the Bank will provide advisory services and value addition through entrepreneur development programmes across the country.

Commenting on the launch of Vardhana Sahaya, Lakshman Silva – Deputy CEO, DFCC Bank, said, “DFCC is pleased to introduce this scheme alongside the launch of the Swashakthi Loan Scheme by the Government, thus re-affirming our commitment to support small enterprises. While granting loans as a Participating Financial Institution in the Swashakthi credit line, DFCC Bank will provide loans to small enterprises under Vardhana Sahaya as well. “

He further stated “The Bank has been committed to building long term relationships via tailor-made financial products and services. Our long and proven track record of nurturing small businesses from early and often risky stages – to developing them into mature and profitable institutions – makes our entry into the small enterprise segment a natural corollary. Our expertise in this field coupled with our commitment to nurture and build businesses has inspired the introduction of Vardhana Sahaya. Clients in the small enterprise business category have unique financial requirements and DFCC is well positioned to customise financial solutions to fulfill those requirements. In fact, the product will focus on business potential and creditworthiness over collateral offered by the client in view of which the Bank will consider relaxing some collateral requirements.”

DFCC Bank has, over the decades, built strong relationships with its rapidly-growing customer base and remains committed to providing them with innovative and responsible financial solutions, enabling them to keep growing.


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