Digital Learning

Dec 04, 2007 (LBO) – A Sri Lankan e-learning initiative for rural students is seeking corporate sector support to expand and cover 400 computer centers around the island, its designers said.

The Shilpa Sayura project initiated by eFusion, a local software company, is a learning tool for rural students who do not have the necessary number of teachers and lack resources to continue studies.

“We have got five million rupees from the government as a grant and the pilot project was implemented in 20 locations in Sri Lanka,” Niranjan Meegammana of eFusion told LBO.

E-fusion was a pioneer in bringing Sinhala language Unicode script into the world wide web through it website.

The plan to expand the learning system to 400 locations is restricted due to the operational cost, Meegammana says.

“We are trying to reach Sri Lanka’s corporate sector and if we can tap the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives of the corporates who are trying to help rural communities, we can make a difference in how they learn and study in the villages,”

Shilpa Sayura was initiated with eight subjects of the Ordinary Level curriculum that is based on the national

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