Distant Lights

Light House Hotel is hoping to double its earnings for the current financial, though somewhat restrained by limitations in room capacity, a broker report says.
Earnings by Light House grew steadily during the last couple of years and the nine months results of the financial year 2004 have already hit the full year 2003 levels. rn

rnldblquote We feel that earnings for 2004, would almost double compared to 2003,
dblquote says HNB Stockbrokers Analyst, Thivanka Karunaratne. rn

rnLight House, which has 63 rooms, is going on a strategy of rate increases for its growth and the Spa and second pool that were build in 2003, helped justify price jumps in the current year. rn

rnThe hotels occupancy levels rose from 67 percent in 2003 to around 73 percent during 2004. rn

rnHowever, its owners the Jetwing Group, has no plans to increase the hotels room capacity in the absence of a firm peace deal.rn

rnInstead, Jetwing is trying to boost revenue through improved occupancy levels and increased rates, suppo

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