Dont Blame Me

Free incoming calls for cellular phones have been shelved indefinitely due to the ongoing political spat, a top government minister said Monday.
Telecommunications Minister Imthiaz Bakeer Markar says all mobile phone operators were ready to roll out the new tariff structure by January 1, but the current political problems have delayed the process.rn

rnWhen President Chandrika Kumaratunga grabbed three cabinet portfolios last November, she also pocketed the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC). Bakeer Markar was stripped off his media post and left with the Telecommunications Ministry, which only governs Sri Lanka Telecom.
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rnKumaratunga now calls the shots at the TRC.rn

rnThe TRC had earlier worked out a plan to roll out CPP, also known as caller party pays system, which allows free incoming calls on all mobile operators. Presently, a mobile party pays system is in operation, where both the caller and the receiver pay for the cost of calls.rn

rnCellular operators have been lobbying f

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