Dot Mobile

A Colombo city guide on the internet, available on mobile phones, that offers useful services and shopping was launched this week. Billed as a ‘city guide in your hand’, (pronounced DotMobi) is a new
development of made-for-mobile internet sites.

The local site was launched by Infotechs in association with content providers like ‘Living’ magazine with marketing and design inputs by the advertising agency BatesAsia/141.

It is a city guide that has information ranging from places to call in an emergency to places for shopping and entertainment.

The consumer reach for the site is expected to improve with Sri Lanka™s mobile phone usage growth rate over 50 percent per year.

However the consumers need GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) enabled phones to access the site.

Only 1 million of the 5.4 million Sri Lankan mobile users are subscribed under this service.

The charges for surfing and downloading through will be the normal rates charged by the mobile phone operators.

The marketing partner Bates Asia/141 believes that this will open up new dimensions for adver

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