Dusting Cobwebs

Kicking of January 2004, state sector employment policies will be rewritten to drill in productivity and efficiency.
The US$ 3 million World Bank funded Public Administrative Management Programme(PAMP) will install a set of new processes, procedures and mechanisms that will govern all subsequent recruitments, transfers, promotions and employment terms and conditions. rn

rnThe Ministry of Public Administration and Reform, the implementing agency on Thursday said the reform process will be authored in deep consultation with the public. rn

rnMinistry officials told Lanka Business Online that a draft policy would be put out by January 2004 for public comment, with the input incorporated into a final document that will govern state sector employment. rn

rnSome of the proposed changes include bring in the private sector to manage state entities in partnership with the government. rn

rnThe mechanics for handing over full or part management will be worked out but conditions will include service obliga

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