Early Bonus

Minimum take home pay for workers has been raised to Rs. 3,000 to keep in line with the government sector salary increment.
So far, 12 sectors ranging from apparels to security trade have been ordered by the Wages Board to revise their salary structure with immediate effect, Labour Commissioner General, Mahinda Madihahewa said Friday.rn

rnThe sectors include: textiles, apparel, security guards, ceramic ware, brick and tile, nursing, construction and leather industries.rn

rnThe increments, which will kick in across the board for all industries, ranges from a minimum 15 percent to a maximum of Rs. 1,000. rn

rnThe Wages Board constitutes the government, employers and employee representatives. ldblquote It was a collective decision to revise the salary scales to keep in line with a government request,
dblquote he said.rn

rnStarting January 1, all public servants will get a 10 percent pay hike each month or a minimum Rs. 1,250 increase, whichever is higher, at a cost of Rs. 12.5 bn to the state.rn<

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