Economic Impact

Sep 18, 2009 (LBO) – The 28th LBR-LBO chief executive forum debated the economic impact of public interest litigation, with a four member panel made up of legal and private sector representatives.

Had the Business Chambers followed the above strategy, which in fact was suggested to them, they and their members could have minimized the potentially negative future Economic Impact on Business of PIL, as well the Nation and also avoided the divisive and reputation damaging fiascos that followed.

Borrowing words from Professor Baxi, the Emeritus Professor of Law Will it be a Business and Sri Lankan Utopia? to hope that this audience will actively seek, following this well meaning initiative of LBO-LBR that Business will advocate for …an independent yet socially responsive, judiciary. …. the absence of venality of citizen-justice intervenes. … committed Justices that are forward- looking rather than those who look forward…. Justices and those who prefer to resign their august positions rather than sanction grave miscarriage of judicially administered constitutional justice….1

Assessment for Judicial Reform Advocacy Seeking Upholding the Princ

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