EFL 3PL looks towards Bots and RPA to stay ahead of logistics game

May 06, 2019 (LBO) – Expolanka Freight (Pvt) Ltd. (EFL), a logistics service provider announced that it has implemented its first wave of transformative Robotic Process Automation (RPA) across all its distribution centers and freeport to support day-to-day operations.

Through this move to automate repetitive processes across its portfolio, the country’s most dynamic supply chain services vendor has further strengthened its position at the cutting edge of logistics innovation, adding even greater value to its business offering.

What is particularly noteworthy is that EFL’s RPA drive is managed entirely in-house, and even more impressively, by non-IT staff at operational sites within the company.

EFL’s 3PL team was inspired to initiate the business process automation technology through one of the firm’s own clients.

Through a culture-exchange program initiated within the organization, internal staff were upskilled and trained, thus being able to develop a highly customized process for the effective management of their complex supply chains – testament to the brand’s dedication to keeping pace with a tech-driven world.

RPA is redrawing the logistics landscape when it comes to streamlining operations and expediting key business activities, and we understand the importance of making this a strategic priority if we want to gain competitive edge,” said Saif Yusoof, Managing Director of EFL.

“The move towards automation is a landmark, yet necessary one, and complements our vision of offering creativity, reliability, and timeliness in all that we do.”

With technology managing the monotonous and mundane everyday tasks, the entire process runs with increased accuracy, significantly improving operational efficiency and productivity. The precise results delivered in having eliminated human error have resulted in cost savings.

Additionally, enabling staff to apply their experience and skills to more important projects has had a positive impact on employee satisfaction.

Digital progress drives service improvements in 3PL service providers, changing the way business process solutions are managed and delivered effectively.

The new RPA drive has already proven to holistically uplift EFL’s operational efficiencies, already showing a 45% reduction in data entry time across all sites.

EFL has since been globally recognised for its capacity for innovation, and has been shortlisted for the Global Innovation Competition -organized by Sagawa Holdings- to be held in Japan later this month.

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