ERP Burp

Computers started making an impact on business productivity and speed over two decades ago.
Manufacturing companies were some of the first to get software packages to help them automate and better plan the process while enterprise wide deployment happened afterwards with Enterprise Resource Planning or ERPs.rn

rnBut experts say the challenge is to get computer software to blend with the companies objectives and mission.rn

rnFor private corporations this can be somewhat straightforward but when the organization is a not for profit or a public sector corporation the challenge is greater.rn

rnFor example the Industrial Technology Institute (ITI), a government funded research and development organization is in the midst of restructuring its operations to make it more relevant to industry and be cost effective. rn

rnThese are goals set by the ITI which does research from ways to deliver cleaner drinking water to how best to shrink-wrap prawns.rn

rnPerformances of corporations are somewhat

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