Expensive Business

Sri Lanka has always been a hot spot for beach lovers. But the trend is changing. Niche tourism markets are starting to make a mark with first signs of the country emerging as a popular eco, adventure and Ayurvedic holiday destination. rn
In the last of a series on the travel and leisure industry, we look at attempts to tap these high spending tourists while making the country a top niche destination in Asia.rn

rnAnni Gsell runs a travel agency in Germany specialising in Ayurvedic travel packages called lquote Na Tour meaning natural treatment.rn

rnAnni and Privilege Hotel management are about to close a travel deal. They are just sorting out the nitty-gritty before signing on the dotted line.rn

rnAnni is interested in bringing Ayurvedic care seekers from Switzerland and Germany. These tourists like to be pampered with alternative treatment like oil massages, Ayurvedic medication and flower baths.rn

rnHer search is not over yet. Shes looking for up-market resorts offering Ayurvedi

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