Extended Protection

Feb 09 (LBO) The Sri Lanka signs MOU with Jordan to protect rights of migrant workers. Now our people that go to Jordan to work, will have the same rights and privileges as Jordanian workers, said the Minister of Labour Athauda Seneviratne, on Thursday.

The three year MOU stipulates that work contracts for Sri Lankans be in line with national legislation of both countries and that contracts must imply work conditions and duties.

According to the Foreign Employment Bureau of Sri Lanka over 45,000 Sri Lankans are working in Jordan at the moment and in 2005 over 8,000 people mostly women on housemaid contracts – went to Jordan to work.

The MOU with Jordan, says the Minister, will reduce work risks for these people by ensuring proper payment of wages and safe passage to and from, their foreign workplace.

The Ministry of Labour is negotiating similar agreements with other countries.

A draft agreement to be signed with Lebanon is ready even now. We are also planning on visiting Saudi Arabia in a few months to discuss an agreement with them as well, said

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