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Extension Cord

Continued lobbying from the telecom industry has now opened up access to undersea cable bandwidth.
Direct access to the SEA ME WE (Cable connecting South East Asia, the Middle East and Western Europe) submarine cable facility will cut bandwidth cost by an estimated 50% for telecom operators, say industry sources.

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rnAccess to capacity in the undersea cable bandwidth was limited to SLT for a number of reasons including high upfront costs.rn

rnHowever a recent telecom regulator study ruled that it should be opened up for use by all interested parties. rn

rnTelecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) is preparing the paper work to call for a consultant to draw a pricing framework.rn

rnTRC officials say a consultant should be in place by mid August.rn

rnIndustry sources say Dialog GSM is making efforts to be the second operator to buy capacity from the project. rn

rnHowever, Dialog will also pay SLT for use of its cable landing station. rn

rnThe telecom regulator however needs to finali

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