Extra Year

Officials from the CA Sri Lanka overseas chapters

April 27, 2007 (LBO) – International students graduating in Britain would be able to work for one year, helping them gain valuable work experience, the UK High Commission in Colombo said. International students bring many benefits to the UK. After the United States, the UK is the country which attracts the most international students and we need to build on this enviable position, the British High Commissioner in Colombo Dominick Chilcott said.

“Allowing them to work in the UK for a year will provide them with valuable work experience to augment the knowledge and skills they have acquired at our universities and colleges.

” It will also allow UK employers to benefit from skilled people who have gained UK qualifications and have experience of living in the UK.

The scheme which is starting May 01 allows an international student obtaining a bachelors degree or higher level qualification in any subject from a recognised university or college in the United Kingdom will be able to stay on for a year.

” The growing priority for many UK qualified students returning home to find employment is for them to be able to demonstrate that they have the practical skills re

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