Fed runs out of printing steam?

PARIS, March 7, 2008 (AFP) – A senior US Federal Reserve official issued a warning here Friday against expectations the central bank might soon approve another cut in US interest rates aimed at shoring up stock market sentiment.

“The Fed is taking a very pro-active stance regarding what we view as economic developments,” Richard Fisher, head of the Dallas, Texas Federal Reserve Bank, told a conference on globalisation.

“I would discourage you from thinking (…) that suddenly we are going to move rates in response,” he said when asked about the current turmoil and heavy losses on global stockmarkets as investors fret about the US economic outlook.

“It simply doesn’t work that way,” he told an all-say seminar organised by the Bank of France.

“We are charged with creating the conditions for sustainable, non-inflationary growth,” Fisher said, adding that US monetary authorities “have other tools to work with in terms of market liquidity.”

He had been questioned on the Fed’s decision to slash its benchmark interest rate by 1.25 percentage points in January in the face of stock market turbulence and on an expected Fed response to current market weakness.

Many analysts now foresee a further easing in US m

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