Fine Tuning

Feb 07 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s telecom watchdog says it has started to crack down on errant state and private sector frequency users to collect overdue fees. The crackdown is part of a programme to clean up Sri Lanka’s commercial important spectrum, which is currently near full capacity.

Already, the regulator is seeing a crunch for frequency, as telecom operators plan network expansion and introduce third generation mobile services.

Telecommunications Regulatory Commission’s Director Legal Affairs Mrs. P. R Amarasiri, said the campaign had netted Rs. 24 million in arrears, since November 2005.

An internal committee has also been set up to follow-up on the defaulters, Amarasiri said.

œWe have sent out notices to most of the defaulters and we are taking back the frequencies, especially when it is not in use.

Amarasiri added that œ¦some of these defaulters have wound up or moved to new locations¦ we are making every effort to track them down.

Defaulters reportedly include private and state sector organisations.

Meanwhile, the regulator has also undertaken a number of other initiatives to clean up the spectr

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