Flash Floods

Sri Lankas government has received 52,000 jobrnapplications after a decision to hire unemployed university graduates intornthe public service, a Finance Ministry official said Thursday.rn
After winning general elections in April, President ChandrikarnKumaratungas government said it would increase recruitment into the publicrnsector to reduce unemployment.rn

rn “We are still going through the applications. They are being handled atrndistrict level,” an official at the finance ministry told Dow JonesrnNewswires.rn

rn The government believes there are an estimated 27,000 local universityrngraduates that cannot find employment whom they are willing accommodate inrngovernment institutions such as Colombo Port, Department of Prisons and thernFinance Ministry.rn

rn The public sector is considered overstaffed with about one millionrnworkers out of a population of 18 million people. The official didnt give a date for when the recruitment might take place.rn

rn The previous government was commended b

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