Flashing Dollars

America has pledged more peace and development oriented funds for Sri Lanka as it rolled out its South Asia assistance plan for the coming financial year.

Most of the funds will be broadly for ldblquote short-term, high impact programs that are both an incentive to peace, and a boost to reconstruction and reconciliation in war torn areas,
dblquote the plan said.rn

rnThe plan however, stopped short of actual commitment figures for the country, though bulk of the spending will be directed to conflict relief.rn

rnldblquote Nationwide development and health programs will support the governments economic competitiveness and anti-poverty efforts, while our democracy programs will support reconciliation and reintegration
dblquote , the plan said.rn

rnIt was noted that despite ongoing political volatility, the ceasefire and the peace process had largely held, which is seen as positive.rn

rnBut out of the US$ 1.9 bn assistance allocated for the region over US $1.6 bn will be directed towards combati

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