Flight Freedom

SriLankan Airlines will use its lquote Fifth Freedom aviation rights to carry passengers from Cochin in India to the Maldives, in July.

Fifth Freedom rights allow a registered airline of one state to pick up passengers from another country and put them down in a third state.rn

rnIn effect, this means that an airline can pick up passengers from a second country the airline does not operate from and take them to a third state.rn

rnLifting traffic from Calicut in India to Maldives is also on the cards this year, with flights from India to Dhaka part of a long term plan, Head of Commercial at SriLankan Airlines, G.T. Jeyaseelan said.rn

rnldblquote We already have traffic rights to carry passengers between India and Male and we are exploring the possibilities of using that starting with Cochin to Male
dblquote , Jeyaseelan said.rn

rnldblquote We are also trying to have flights from Calicut in India to Maldives by July or August this year
dblquote .rn

rnAs part of aviation policy to promote Sri

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