Flirty Thief

Dec 30, 2007 (LBO) – Russian programmers have created software known as ‘CyberLover’ that can infiltrate dating sites and chatrooms and seduce victims and collect personal information to be sold to identity thieves, internet security experts said.

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The cyber bot solicits and collects information such as home addresses, telephone numbers, and personal photographs that are used to compile a profile that can be sold on to identity thieves.

“The creators of the software – who use the internet address www.

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buy prednisone online buy prednisone online no prescription – market it as a device allowing computer-savvy men to link up with women (or women with men) without having to go through endless time-consuming introductions,” Britain’s Times newspaper said.

The designers say the bot can get acquainted with 10-20 persons in half an hour and so far, none of the female acquaintances had guessed that they were chatting with a computer program.

Sergei Shevchenko, senior malware analyst at the security firm PC Tools, said that the real application of the bot is identity fraud, which is much more dangerous.

“Internet users today are generally aware of the dangers of opening suspicious attachments and visiting unusual URLs, but CyberLover employs a new technique that is unheard of and t

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