Forest Fog

Developing countries like Sri Lanka exploit natural resources to grow exports that help pay off foreign debt.
Encroachment of forests like Sinharaja by tea plantations and timber firms had to be tolerated to boost exports and generate jobs.
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rnAn Act passed by the US government to help conservation and reduce debt is offering a solution. rn

rnHowever, some environmentalist doubt the motives of the US warning it could do more harm than good. rn

rnOthers say proper controls can make sure benefits go not just to the country but humanity as a whole.rn

rnFollow the rail tracks in the hills of Kadugannawa and you are in for a view that will take your breath away.rn

rnBut for train commuters, these scenes simply whiz by.rn

rnAnyone who does stop to enjoy the view and will see theres a lot more than meets the eye. rn

rnHalf a decade ago the only greenery here were the tall grass or Mana that catches fire during the dry season leaving only desolation behind. rn

rnCutting down tre

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