Founder of Indian IT giant swipes at Bangalore name change

BANGALORE, India, Nov 7, 2006 (AFP) – The retired founder of software giant Infosys Tuesday took a swipe at officials of India’s southern Karnataka state over their bid to rename Bangalore as Bengaluru, or “the town of boiled beans.” “For me, changing the name is not important,” Infosys chief mentor N.R. Narayana Murthy told reporters.
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Murthy retired from day-to-day operations of the firm earlier year, but remains a powerful voice for India’s technology industry.

“All this energy, enthusiasm and debate, instead, must be focussed on how to improve city infrastructure, road safety, health care and education,” he said.

“I would say those are the issues that should be debated rather than Bangalore or Bengaluru,” he added, asserting that merely changing the name was not something that required “any hard work.”

Officials in the India’s high-tech capital said last week they will officially use the local Kannada language name Bengaluru, meaning “the town of boiled beans,” rather than its English version of Bangalore.

The change, first announced last December, will take a couple of months to implement as it has to be approved by the federal government.

Bangalore is home to more than six million people and some 1,500 domest

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