Free Push

Jan 31, 2007 (LBO) – HSBC in Sri Lanka is hoping to rope in more customers to its phone banking service by offering toll-free services in three languages for the first time in Sri Lanka, officials said.

Though Sri Lanka does not have a toll free number system, HSBC has arranged with fixed and mobile operators to offer a toll free number.

“We will expect lot more customers to use phone banking as it is easier and free of charge,” says Chandima Liyanage, who is in charge of HSBC’s distribution channels.

About 140,000 customers were already registered with HSBC’s English language phone banking service.

But the new service is automated with synthesized voices in three languages, which the bank is hoping will persuade more customers to use it.

Customers will not have to wait until agents are free, to be assisted.

Phone banking has become a practical option in Sri Lanka after de-regulation spread telecom access wider.

Telephone lines per hundred person are now above 40, with more than 30 coming from the mobile sector, which has more than five million subscribers though call charges are higher.

As many as 40 banking options will be carried out over the new automated s