Free Tests

Aug 19, 2008 (LBO) – Brown and Company with its associate Klevenberg private limited have launched campaign to conduct mobile emission tests on vehicles in parts of Sri Lanka, the company said in a statement. The group has conducted tests in Havelock Town in Colombo and in the suburbs of Ranala and Athurugiriya.

The free testing campaign conducts emission tests, battery checks and charging. Tests have been conducted on about 100 vehicles.

Emission testing centres have also been established through out Sri Lanka following an initiative by environmental and transport ministries to reduce pollution.

The ministries have made it compulsory for all vehicles to acquire vehicle emission test (VET) certificates to be eligible for revenue licenses.

Two companies, CleanCo Lanka and Laugfs Eco Sri Lanka have already opened emission test centres.

Browns group also hopes to educate motorists on environmental pollution, the company said in a statement.

The group deals in gricultural, automotive equipment and has office automation, consumer electronics, hardware, power generation and pharmaceuticals.

It has agencies for Lucas batteries, Champion, Simoniz car care products, Stanadyne diese