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June 01, 2007 (LBO) – The growing interest in Asia by French businessmen would be supported by the efforts of Franco-Sri Lankan technologists group, the French Agency for international business development has said. “Today, French businessmen are more and more interested in developing countries and, as such, in Sri-Lankan potentially growing economy,” Jacques Dasset of UBIFRANCE, the French Agency for international business development said in a statement.

“In this respect, there is a real interest from their side to know more about Sri-Lankan professionals and decision makers.”

The Association of Franco-Ceylonese Technologists (AFCT) has been founded in 1958 to provide a close contact between persons who had completed the technical studies or training.

The group has just launched a website with the help of UBIFRANCE at


“AFCT, since a long time from now, has already made a remarkable job in increasing the awareness of the French “know how in Sri Lanka as well as a better understanding of today’s Sri-Lanka in the French community,” says Dasset.

“AFCT website is a new and perfect tool in t

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