From Pakistan to Sri Lanka; record of assassinations in the Indian subcontinent

ISLAMABAD, Dec 27, 2007 (AFP) – Thursday’s assassination of former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto is one of a long series of political assassinations which have taken place in southern Asia since the end of the colonial era and the partitition of India in 1947.


– January 30, 1948: A Hindu extremist kills Mahatma Gandhi, the father of Indian independence and key proponent of non-violence, near to his home in New Delhi.

– October 31, 1984: Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is killed in New Delhi by her two Sikh bodyguards in retaliation for an army assault she ordered earlier that year on the Golden Temple, Sikhdom’s holiest shrine.

– May 21, 1991: Her son and successor as prime minister, Rajiv Gandhi, is killed by Tamil separatists during his election campaign in southern India.


– October 16, 1951: In the same municipal park — Liaqat bagh — in Rawalpindi where Benazir Bhutto was killed on Thursday, prime minister Liaqat Ali Khan is killed by an Afghan extremist during an election rally.

– April 4, 1979: Benazir Bhutto’s father Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, overthrown as prime minister by the General Mohammad Zia ul-Haq in 1977, is hanged after a controversial trial.

– August 17, 1988: President Zi

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