Fuming Sri Lankan cricket fans vent anger against commentator on the web

April 26, 2007(LBO) – Cricket, perhaps the most influential sporting force in Sri Lanka during the last few months, which even led to an unofficial ceasefire between the government and Tamil Tiger rebels, is starting to drive fans up the wall. “I cannot for the life of me, figure out why all of you are all a twitter over poor Ranjit Fernado’s style of commentary. He is the most sought after in our household…
My daughter specialises in guessing the next word Fernando would utter, and usually gets about 80 percent right. My wife specialises in anticipating how Fernando would repeat or agree with everything the other man beside him would say.” The reason is not a poor performance by the team as in India’s case or a murder as in Pakistan’s, but the poor performance of the only Sri Lankan commentator used by the international television company that is providing global live broadcasts.

Commentator Ranjit Fernando may not face stones when he comes back home as Sri Lankan fans are fairly easy-going, but their frustration is carved in virtual stone in webblogs across the internet.

Sri Lankan cricket fans who are keen followers of the game say that Fernando’s commentaries have made watching a Sri Lankan cricket match a very painful expe

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