Gaol Quest

Customers of Gold Quest, who were hoping to gain total financial freedom within three years by joining the firms controversial lquote binary compensation plan, may now have to spend up to five years in jail for foreign exchange fraud.
Authorities have started gathering data on Gold Quests Tracking Center Owners (TCOs) who fraudulently used credit cards to send foreign exchange out of the country, on behalf of those in theirs and others lquote downline.rn

rnIf there are 25,000 customers as claimed by Gold Quest TCO an estimated US$ 15 mn to US$ 25 mn may have gone out of the country during the last two to three years.rn

rnCustomers paid US$ 800 to US$ 1000 for gold worth a fraction of the price.rn

rnAuthorities are first expected to fine TCOs at least the amount of the exchange fraudulently sent out of the country.rn

rnSome of these payments were made by TCOs on behalf of third parties violating exchange control regulations.rn

rnldblquote At the moment there is some talk of trying to revamp th

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