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Gazette notification to recruit 40 eligible candidates to join Sri Lanka Foreign Service issued


The Foreign Ministry is pleased to inform that a gazette notification to recruit 40 eligible candidates to join the Sri Lanka Foreign Service (SLFS) is now published. 

The Gazette Notification No. 2,223 dated 9 April 2021 can be accessed at http://www.documents.gov.lk/files/gz/2021/4/2021-04-09(I-IIA)E.pdf.

Members to the Foreign Service are selected every few years through an open competitive recruitment exam conducted by the Department of Examinations as per the rules and regulations formulated by the Public Service Commission, which is the appointing authority of SLFS Officers. 

The successful applicants who are selected to join the Service will have the opportunity to serve in the Foreign Ministry and will have the privilege of representing Sri Lanka in 67 Sri Lanka Missions abroad. 

The Sri Lanka Foreign Service (SLFS) is a distinct public service in Sri Lanka established in 1949. It is the body of career diplomats of Sri Lanka.

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