Gender Wars

March 21 (LBO) – In Sri Lanka, women already outnumber men at 52 women for every 48 men and activists are warning that the proportion would increase if the war continues.

However, in the workplace prospects are not all that rosy for Sri Lanka’s ladies. Women are still a minority among Sri Lanka’s parliamentarians and ministers, despite the country producing the world’s first female prime minister, and later a head of state.

In parliament, whenever the budget debate is in progress, and the Ministry of Women’s Affairs is taken up, most MPs leave the chambers to go to the lobby, Sumedha G Jayasena, Minister, Child Development and Women’s Empowerment said.

That is the position women are relegated to even at the highest level. We need to change this situation.

Protecting the rights of women should not be limited to speech, but needs to be put into action as well.

Women have become the key decision maker in most households and they contribute to society in no small way.

But violence against women is still high and authorities believe that most of it goes unrecorded.

An activist organization last week claimed that if the

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